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home5We specialize in quality steel or polymer wall vinyl liner pools and pool products at affordable prices. We are committed to building an inviting pool for you that will add beauty and value to your home. Vinyl liner pools give you the flexibility to design any shape, depth, and size for you to choose from that will turn your ordinary backyard into a stunning escape!

Go beyond the basic pool and choose from a variety of special additions and products to complement your pool. Our professional construction crew will carefully install your pool and any options you have selected. Once the water is added (generally in one week after your dig date), you'll be able to enjoy the view around your pool and the time you spend in it!

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Did you know you can custom design your new pool in shape and depth? What kind of pool do you want in your backyard? Let us help! more

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We had our first case of the year for TDS, Total Dissolved Solids. Pool water needs a TDS of 1000ppm or under to accept/dissolve chemicals to maintain balance. At 2500ppm or greater, the water cannot dissolve any chemicals entered. To resolve this issue, a pool will have to drain a foot and refill a foot of water four to five times. If it is not done, a pool with a chlorine level of 5.0 and a clean filter will still have algae blooms that cannot be corrected with shock or algaecide as the water is unable to accept/dissolve any chemicals entered. ... See MoreSee Less

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As we enter the work week after the July 4th holiday weekend, please DO NOT wait for us to clean your filter or bring your salt back up to level. We are working a full day behind schedule with rain coming in this Tuesday afternoon and rain for Wednesday afternoon that will put us further behind schedule. ... See MoreSee Less

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