Pool Openings

Recommend open time is March 1st to avoid algae blooms for mesh covers and pools without a cover. April 1st begins solid and tarp covers.

Signature Full Opening ($95 per hour + chemicals): includes - cover removal, install ladder and handrail, vacuum of the floor, scrubbing the walls, greasing the gaskets, filter charge, system start up, test and balance water. If opening with algae or excessive debris. Again, all pool chemicals are extra and sold/billed by the pound and are not included in the opening price.

Basic Open ($150) includes: installation of winterization plugs, system start up, handrail / ladder reinstalled, and removal of pool cover. Chemical balance is extra and sold/billed by the pound.

Custom Pool Opening ($85): 1 hour min. Give us a list of what you would like done. We aim to please! Chemicals are extra and are sold/billed by the pound.

You will be asked if you want us to balance your water or treat it for algae upon scheduling your opening. Clients always have the choice to balance their water or remove algae.