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Total Scoop

Introducing the Total Scoop!

Now there is an easy way to measure every pool chemical from one measuring scoop. No need to guess anymore, know for sure!

I started in the pool industry in 2001 working retail and learning water chemistry. In 2008, my husband and I started our own pool company. With being a new company and not having a pool retail store at that time, I came out into the field to begin learning pool service work and water chemistry maintenance to build a client base for our new company. Boy did I have much to learn.

The first issue I ran into was how to measure pool chemicals out of the 25lbs to 100lb buckets. I was amazed that there was no way to measure each one of these chemicals to enter into swimming pools. I had to devise my own way to measure each chemical to get the pounds accurate for what the pool needed to bring the water to balance.

It occurred to me that there was no universal way for pool professionals or homeowners to measure pool chemicals as each one weights differently. I thought how peculiar that pools have been around for what seems like forever, and there is no way for a homeowner or pool professional to universally measure 8lbs out of a 25lbs chemical container.

July of 2017 I began designing a way for everyone that balances pool water chemistry to measure each chemical a pool uses which lead to the creation of Total Scoop. Once we had prototypes, I deployed them in our pool service field to see what our pool technicians thought of the new scoop. No surprise, they loved it and found it easy to use.

This pool chemical scoop was designed with residential pool owners, commercial pool owners, and swimming pool technicians in mind to give them a universal way to measure chemicals and put in only what is need to bring the water into balance. I sure hope you find our Total Scoop as easy to use as we did taking the guess work out of pool chemicals.

– Jessica Coyner
Inventor and President of Total Scoop Co.


  • You will now be able to measure pool chemicals to the pound.
  • This scoop measures 7 different pool chemicals as well as 1 lb of DE


  • First make sure you have an accurate gallon size of the pool you will be balancing for water chemistry.  Gallon size that is to high will mean that not enough chemicals are going in to maintain a proper balance.  If you estimate a water gallons size to low, you may be adding far more chemical products than are needed.
  • When testing water chemistry for balancing, reagent testing is always more accurate than using test strips.  Test strips can be as much as 20 to 30 ppm off from actual numbers.
  • If you need to mix chemicals with water, like Calcium Hardness , make sure to add the chemical 1st to your mix bucket, and then add water to dilute the pool chemical before entering chemicals into your pool.
  • This scoop will allow you to measure each chemical to the pound and takes the guess work out of the equation.

– Price is $29.95
– Only need to purchase one due to durability, made in America, only one of its kind (there is no way to measure pool chemicals currently that is universal)