Pool Closings

There is no right or wrong way to close a pool for the winter. Choose which is for you and your family. We specialize in algae prevention and removal. It is recommended that a pool close after the temperatures average below 50ºF, and open/balance before averaging above 50ºF regardless of the type of close for mesh covers. Solid and tarp covers can close whenever they choose.

Full Close ($325) includes:
a vacuum of the pool to clear out debris (provided the water is clear), clean the skimmers and baskets, winterization chemicals, clear all water from pool lines, provide winterization plugs and gizzmos if needed, disassemble and clean D.E. filter or Cartridge filter, pull all equipment plugs, clean salt cell, remove ladder and/or handrail, and install cover.

Basic Close ($150 ) includes:
pull winterization plugs from equipment, handrail / ladder removed, drain pool if a mesh, winterization chemicals, and install cover.

*Chemicals needed are extra and billed by the pound.