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Pool Closings

Pool Closings

Signature Full Pool Close: $325

  • vacuum the pool floor
  • disassemble and clean DE filter
  • pull all drain plugs
  • add winterization chemicals
  • remove ladder/handrail
  • clear and plug up all lines of water and install pool cover. If there is a cover pump, typically is not plugged in by us.

Basic Pool Close: $150

  • remove ladder/handrails
  • drain equipment pad of water
  • winterization chemicals
  • install pool cover

Pool Covers
We offer several different types of new safety covers and replacement safety covers. Please contact us to have an estimate for your new or replacement safety cover.

When we install your new or replacement safety pool cover, we include a free Signature Pools Full Close to make sure you have everything you need to close the pool properly.

Other Services

  • new pool pumps
  • motor replacements
  • salt system repairs and new system installs
  • liner tuck/lock
  • hard pipe backwash lines
  • DE filters & repairs
  • Cartridge filers and repairs
  • Sand filters and repairs
  • plumbing
  • valves
  • pool lights new & replacement bulbs
  • pool inspections
  • anything pool related

Pool Diver/ Pressure Testing

Atlantic Lead Detection – 757.685.8909

Refer-A-Friend Credit

Signature Pools is a referral only company that does virtually no advertising. We are always grateful to friends and clients that share our company with friends and family. 

  • $25 service credit – Service Referral
  • $250 service credit – New Pool Referral