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Pool Maintenance Programs

Pool Maintenance

  • vacuum the pool floor
  • empty the skimmer baskets
  • empty the pump basket
  • empty the polaris bag
  • backwash and recharge filter
  • clean salt cell if needed
  • set pool running times for time of year
  • test and balance your pool water to perfection


  • Weekly – $350* + chemicals
  • Bi-weekly – $190* + chemicals
  • Monthly – $95* + chemicals

    * time over 1 hour is billed in quarters hours for heavy debris or working on equipment
    * invoiced monthly

Supplied at now cost to you when we’re handling your maintenance: 

  • DE filter media
  • Polaris scrubber tails
  • Phosphate water treatments
  • Filter gauges

It’s our way to say “Thank You” for allowing us to serve you! 

NO contract!
Start & stop service as needed. 

Water Chemisty Issues

  • $95 per hour plus chemicals
  • Algae (4 types), metals, phosphates, etc.
  • Generally takes 2 visits to completion (crystal clear)
  • Filter type dictates speed of pool clarity
    Sand filter – slowest
    DE filer- fastest

Other Services

  • new pool pumps
  • motor replacements
  • salt system repairs and new system installs
  • liner tuck/lock
  • hard pipe backwash lines
  • DE filters & repairs
  • Cartridge filers and repairs
  • Sand filters and repairs
  • plumbing
  • valves
  • pool lights new & replacement bulbs
  • pool inspections
  • anything pool related

Pool Diver/ Pressure Testing

Atlantic Lead Detection – 757.685.8909

Refer-A-Friend Credit

Signature Pools is a referral only company that does virtually no advertising. We are always grateful to friends and clients that share our company with friends and family. 

  • $25 service credit – Service Referral
  • $250 service credit – New Pool Referral